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  • This was the most intricate project that I ever worked on with Omar and once more Omar didn't fail to impress with excellent web development skills, problem-solving, patience, and creativity. It was a collaborative project where Omar took my creative concepts and turned them into real-life, functional web pages. Once more, a great job completed and I would highly recommend Omar for any of your web design and development projects.

  • Working with Omar was wonderful. He was able to provide a very high-quality online database with all my requirements. He was always available to talk about the different requirements and he fine-tuned the project until it was perfect for me. Thanks again, Omar!

  • Omar's one of the best programmers and the nicest guy around. Perfect English, Always on time, and most importantly finishes on time. It was a blast working with him. The Only negative I can give would be the fact that there are more than 3000 miles between me and him, but he makes up for it by working on your time. It was a great pleasure working with him.

  • Omar was a very accomplished programmer with a great communication style that made us feel very confident throughout our project. We plan on a continued relationship with Omar as we move forward. Definitely a top-tier talent.

  • Omar did very good work on his web design and API project and I enjoyed working with him. His communication was precise, his skills were strong, and his suggestions produced better solutions. I enjoyed working with Omar and most likely will have more projects for him in the future.

  • Webjinn has been outstanding to work with. Only closing this contract to open a new as we reorganize for the new year!

  • It has been a real pleasure having Omar and his team as my web development support. For anybody looking for a solid, well-rounded, computer/web development "guru" then Omar is the guy to have on your team. Omar and I had been working on a project for about the last 1 1/2 years, and due to some personal reasons, I had to shut down the business. Over the past 1 1/2 years, Omar has always stayed in contact, met his goals/deadlines, and always delivered above and beyond what was expected of him. If you are looking for a person to deliver A+ results then look no further and choose Omar as your web developer. It was great having Omar be my web developer and I was blown away by the type of work that he always put forth. Great Job Omar and keep up the great work!!!!

  • It was a pleasure working with WebJinn. Excellent designers and developers. Worked really hard on my project and sometimes did more than what was expected and asked. Though the job took a little bit longer than expected, in the end it was a complete and great application. I definitely recommend everyone to work with them.

  • Best experience I've had outsourcing technical work, I don't think you can get better work at this price. I was most impressed by their excellent English and ability his ability to understand me - a non-technical person with zero coding experience! WebJinn was able to help me through processes and ultimately complete a wide range of tasks that I could not handle myself. Overall, I'd be happy to work with WebJinn again!

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